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Anne Featherstone

Men's vest, brocade, No.4, unique piece made from hand-woven fabrics, fairly traded

Men's vest, brocade, No.4, unique piece made from hand-woven fabrics, fairly traded

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Style: classic
Fabric: handwoven - traditional Mayan technique
Pattern: Indigo
Color: Purple - Rhubarb

This hand-tailored vest is made for you, for your personal and creative look.
Whether you want to express yourself artistically or just want to be carried through worlds of color. Here I have your unique piece for you.

The fabrics come from remote places in the highlands of Guatemala. Where snakes and scorpions say goodnight to each other. It's always an adventure to go looking for fabrics and find the most remote places in Guatemala.
My hands then use these unique materials to create these garments that are made to live in. They are robust thanks to the tightly woven cotton fabrics and artistic thanks to the brocade weaving technique.

The vests are made precisely to underline your day of adventure with the mix of wilderness and enjoyment.

about the materials:
The fabrics are fine weavings that I selected and collected on my travels to the Mayan tribes in the highlands of Central America. The fabrics have been hand-woven by the women at home for generations, and so each piece is only available as it is.
They were woven with great attention to detail (brocade technique). It takes about 1 month (!!!) until a fabric like this is finished.
They cannot be compared with anything. They are very coarse and therefore stable!
So you can look forward to a wonderfully unique piece that cannot be compared to anything else in terms of quality!

The fabrics are pre-washed.

Since hand-woven fabrics are simply woven a little looser, it is an advantage to wash them by hand!
I do not accept any guarantee for machine laundry!
But what I can give you as a tip is if you have a washing machine with a hand wash program and wash the vest upside down in a laundry bag and spin it at no more than 400 rpm you will also get a good result. However, matting can still occur!

All fabrics are unique and I make each item of clothing myself.

You can also find out more at:
If you have any questions about a product or have a specific request that I could help you with, please get in touch. -Anne


Not the right cut?
Choose another one from my shop and send me a message, or do you want a completely own creation? I do that too.

Which size should I choose?
Vests are pretty straightforward, if you normally wear an S, an M will also suit you!



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