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Anne Featherstone

Denim Shirt Men No.5 'Echo', unique - handwoven

Denim Shirt Men No.5 'Echo', unique - handwoven

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Fabric*: handwoven - traditional Mayan technique


Unique piece made from hand-woven, recycled materials


Material & Manufacturing:

Origin of the outer fabrics*: Guatemala 
Clothing: Made by me/Anne in Germany 
with the best materials - quality buttons from the EU


This hand-tailored shirt is inspired by 'country style'.
Forests, lakes, mountain huts, streams and small nature festivals.
Adventure and peace, strolling through the wilderness and then sipping coffee at a roastery. The fabrics come from remote places in the highlands of Guatemala. Where snakes and scorpions say goodnight to each other. It's always an adventure to go looking for fabrics and find the most remote places in Guatemala.
My hands then use these unique materials to create shirts that are made to live in. They are robust thanks to the tightly woven cotton fabrics and artistic thanks to the fine Ikat structures that run through the shirts like fine milk foam in a flat white.

The shirts are made exactly for your day, a mix of wilderness and enjoyment.

Fit & Details:

  • loose cut
  • hand-embroidered applications
  • Shoulder & back yoke

Color & Pattern: 

Each woven piece is individually made with a lot of love by the Mayans in Guatemala, no two are alike. The women weave for the family at home and can therefore manage work and household tasks together. Weaving is the only source of income for many single women and is physically demanding and time-consuming. (See more below.)

*Weave 1: Dark & ​​light blue stripes, wooden loom, 100% cotton
Weave 2: Lienzo made from colorful yarns, hand-dyed


Since hand-woven fabrics are simply woven a little looser, it is an advantage to wash them by hand! I do not accept any guarantee for machine laundry! But what I can give you as a tip is if you have a washing machine with a hand wash program and wash the vest upside down in a laundry bag and spin it at no more than 400 rpm you will also get a good result. However, matting can still occur! The fabrics are pre-washed. All fabrics are unique and I make each item of clothing myself.

How I get the materials: 

Direct & fair: I look for these used & pre-loved fabrics all over Guatemala and pay the women fair prices so that they can make a living with their work. I wish that we as women all over the world stick together and share our wealth so that these families also have a chance for education and more opportunities.

Custom orders: 

Choose your favorite cut and fabric at no extra charge! Have you seen a style you like but didn't see the right size or color?! No problem! I have a large range of fabrics. The cuts are also mine and can be changed. Write me a non-binding message and I will answer all your questions! Duration of new production: 2-7 days + shipping (within DE 2 days) 


You can also find out more at: FB/fairtradefeatherstone ————————————————————— 
***As this piece is a handmade vintage piece, slight irregularities and 'blemishes' may occur in the weaving. There may also be areas that were subsequently improved. I see this as part of the beauty of this vintage fabric. You can really see the craftsmanship origins and the history it carries. It is wonderful.



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